Friday, June 26, 2009

27 JUN 09

Saturday 090627

Two rounds of:
Right arm barbell push-press 12 reps
Left arm deadlift 12 reps
Run 800 meters
Left arm barbell push-press 12 reps
Right arm deadlift 12 reps
Run 800 meter

Go heavy, run fast. Post time to completion and loads to comments.
Compare to 030716.


  1. 9:56
    Right push 60lb, Left dead 50lb
    Left push 50lb, Right dead 70lb
    I did not complete dead lift correctly, used all arm. I found a clip of a straight leg one arm deadlift when I arrived home. Is that what I should be doing?

    Sorry to hear about the car Flynn. Sounds like a real headache.

  2. Teresa and I did the 12 hours of Cranky Monkey (mountain bike race) today at Quantico Marine base. We had a 3 man team. Ollie did 2 laps and took around 4 hours (total), Teresa did 2 laps at around 3 hours (total) and I did 3 laps at around 4 hours 15 minutes. Each lap was 10.6 miles of pretty sweet singletrack. I am totally wasted and will be super sore tomorrow but it was a fun race. Of eight teams we came in second to last, but at least we beat one team.

    I'm not sure crossfit improved my endurance but it did get me to push myself and finish the third lap - plus I didn't want to come in last.

  3. Did 40 lb pushes, 60 lb deadlift. took about 28 mins. 40 lbs was probably too much as all four sets of pushes were broken.