Friday, April 17, 2009

Inspired by Niko

I figured we keep clogging up inboxes, and some of us can't access our email when we want to procrastinate at work, so maybe we could set up a blog. I think this will help us keep track of our times better as well.

What we're really doing is blogging via email anyway.


  1. Sounds good, we can just do post our stuff here. Did a 4-round BW Bench, max pull-ups and GHD sit-ups work-out yesterday after we finished our house runs. Don't get a lot of time to work out during the work-up, kind of sucks. It probably won't be until deployment that I'll really get in shape and have some resemblence of a schedule.

  2. It appears that only grant can actually 'blog' on here, the rest of us can only comment on his posts.

    Hopefully I'll have time to get back full swing into Crossfit after the gun stuff. I am doing a lot of sprinting and other leg work with the gun. The upper body is pretty easy, but at least I'm lift and moving a wheel around so there is some upperbody work in place.