Tuesday, April 21, 2009

21 APR 09

Rest day


  1. Did 100 inverted burpees for time. 17:12.

    Also played 60m of soccer.

    I'm blogging baby!!!!!

  2. In seven minutes Kolya did:

    122 9lb power cleans.

    80 9lb push jerks

    Never seen him work so hard.

  3. 100 inverted burpees for time in the boq. 9:17.

    Alene was there so I had to show off by getting them unbroken.

    I'm proud of Andy's blogging.

  4. Koyla is a beast, that's great to hear! I did an Angie plus workout today. Standard Angie (except I had to do the sit-ups on concrete and I have a nice nickle size raw spot on my right butt cheek) and then did 50 more reps of the four exercises. Didn't get a time, I was doing it with a few other guys. I did it all unbroken though...just kidding, that'd be really good though if I could.

  5. Did the 100 inverted burpees: 17:01. 9 min is really fast, Grant. I was doing them by myself so maybe I wasn't as motivated as usual. Nice job Kolya!